Taco Bell

Exterior and interior architecture: a quick, three-week pitch project to reimagine branded architecture for Taco Bell stores. Their architecture had become generic, undifferentiated in the marketplace, and our task was to create memorable interior and exterior spaces reflective of their pop-oriented branding. The client also asked us to re-think the customer ordering experience and establish distinct store quadrants that could break-away to become smaller footprint restaurants or kiosks. Looking at Taco Bell’s historic architecture examples, I used the arch/bell shape as inspiration for a new building exterior. I started with hand sketches, then established a floor plan, customer journey, and building materials, before working with an architectural renderer to create 3D visualizations.

Competing primarily against architecture firms, the pitch was a longshot for Tether, but the results showcased our 3D capabilities and were used to compete for other retail architecture projects.

CCO—Stanley Hainsworth, CD—Daniel R. Smith, Senior Designer—Michael Lortz, Writer—Neil Webster