Creative Director

Graphic Designer
Design Curator

I'm a Creative Director with deep experience inventing consumer brands—from their existential beginnings to formidable launches—and reinventing brands with a new story to tell. I spent serious time leading creative teams in-house at NBBJ architecture, Starbucks, Experience Music Project (MoPoP), Chateau Ste. Michelle, and a decade working directly with incredible clients, from global to local, at Tether, a design and branding firm in Seattle.

I also have a passion for fostering international connections between designers. I organized a series of poster exhibitions for Bumbershoot, Seattle’s biggest music and arts festival, culminating with The Seattle-Havana-Tehran Poster Show (aka “The SHT Show”) in 2015. Through this self-initiated, city-to-city, exchange project, I mounted ten total exhibitions, gave talks from Beirut to Boise, and made innumerable friends around the world.

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