SMWE at Prowein

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates (SMWE) owns a large portfolio of west coast wine brands and one of the company’s biggest challenges is focus. To design a tradeshow booth for Prowein 2022, I crafted a brief that helped us zero in on what was most important, reintroducing the SMWE brand and its leading personalities to an international audience which may have trouble placing Washington State. I started by crafting a public-facing positioning statement for an international audience with a writer and managed to cut through the visual clutter by paring down the brands to be highlighted. The result was a newly clear brand presence for SMWE and a comfortable meeting place for potential clients, a respite from a chaotic tradeshow environment.

CD—Debra McCloskey, ACD—Daniel R. Smith, Writer—Summer Karaskova/Season, Designers—Megan Venable, Brent Whiting, 3D Booth Modeling & Construction—Poretta & Orr