Experience Music Project (EMP)

I started at EMP a year before grand opening, art directing and managing a team of designers to create membership and visitor materials, subbrand identities (Electric Bus—a mobile museum, restaurant, bar and store), plus overseeing design events concepts and marketing for grand opening. In a few years my role expanded to include oversight of marketing materials for a second, co-located museum, The Science Fiction Museum (SFM). I created exhibit and program identities, internal and external signage, a wayfinding system, and much more, but my favorite projects were the posters, particularly for artists like Annie Leibovitz, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan. Once, unforgettably, I got to touch Gene Simmons’ boots for a photoshoot (while wearing gloves, naturally). 

Design—Daniel R. Smith

EMP is now MoPoP