Columbia Crest Rebrand Photography & Video

Columbia Crest stands for the democratization of wine. With more 90+ point bottles than any winery in America, its accessibility and quality can’t be matched. With early design explorations I pushed for a near-monochromatic visual language for the brand, reflecting the new label design and underlining the idea of simple luxury. For a studio shoot, I  wanted to create a sense of “rural luxury”—the feeling of being in Walla Walla, surrounded by farm country and down-to-earth, upscale restaurants. Our winemaker photo & video shoot, tightly-timed and overlapping, was made particularly challenging the a last-minute loss of our videographer due to covid. I directed both shoots simultaneously.

Creative Direction—Daniel R. Smith, Portrait Photographer—Chuck Blackburn, Product Photographer—Angie Norwood Browne, Videographer—Andy Hanson, Video Editor—Ed Liming, Designer—Michelle Terril