CSM Elements

When I arrived at Chateau Ste. Michelle, Elements packaging was a high-priority project stuck at the concept level. Several initial design rounds had been rejected by leadership and the product launch was now at risk. I met with the stakeholders to understand their vision for the product and worked closely with the designer who’s work came closest. The resulting package design direction highlighted flavor, refreshment, natural ingredients, and underlined the idea of “transparency” by screen printing the art directly on the bottle. With the design complete, there was an immediate need for launch materials, particularly print and social images. The client’s desire for a sunny outdoor photoshoot with fresh ingredients in Seattle in December was physically impossible, but through the lighting and prop magic of two local photographers, scheduled for overlapping shoots, we succeeded.

CD—Debra McCloskey, ACD—Daniel R. Smith, Graphic Designer—Brent Whiting, Illustrator—Jordan Kay, Product Photographer—Steve Hansen, Lifestyle Photographer—Steven Miller